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Formerly known as Alternate Cig, Vape Craft is one of the popular American e-liquid manufacturing companies founded back in early 2013. They offer a wide variety of quality vape juices for extremely affordable prices. The company consists of vaping enthusiasts who take pride in manufacturing in-house juices to offer their customers the best experience possible. But does the low price come at a cost? Let’s try to find out.

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Honest company with stellar customer service

Before I delve into scrutinizing their products, let me commend their openness and great customer service. The company has clearly stated all the ingredients for each of their product. They are also social media savvy, and if you post a comment on their Facebook page or tweet on their Twitter page, rest assured they’ll get back to you. They also have Instagram, YouTube channel and Google+ account. So, if you’re a vaping enthusiast, you will find a sizeable community to share your thoughts with and ask questions.

The company offers two different lines of e-liquids: Vapors Anonymous and Vape Craft Inc. Brand.

Vapors Anonymous and Vape Craft Inc. Brand


There are a few selected flavors in the Vapors Anonymous line, available with 0, 3, 6, 12 or 18 mg nicotine. The 30 mL plastic bottle costs $9.95, while the glass bottle costs $10.95. The 120 mL bottle cost $24.95 and $26.95 for plastic and glass respectively. The most popular flavors include Milk of Gods and Street Walker.

Previously known as Alternate Cig E Juice, this is the more affordable line and is available in about two dozen different flavors. The nicotine strengths are offered from 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg. The plastic bottle will set you back $15 while the glass bottle costs $17. The popular flavors in this line include Hard Candy, Blue Banana, Mama’s Muffin, Peanut Butter Cups, French Vanilla Cheesecake etc.

Flavor quality

Vape Craft isn’t the industry leader in terms of flavor, but they are not bad at all. Since there are 63 unique flavors available, a good approach is to choose a smaller bottle ( 10 mL for $2.20) of different flavors before buying the 30 mL or 120 mL bottle. Some of the flavors such as Mean Mocha and Yogurtize Me are pretty strong and feel to hit your throat when you vape them the first time, but none of the flavors will give you the burning sensation in your nose, which is the case with some other e-liquids. Some flavors – especially custard type flavors –  have certain chemicals that give a sweet creamy taste.


As for the ingredients, there are some good things and some bad things.

First let’s talk about the good things. Vape Craft calls their vape juices gourmet quality e-liquid products which makes sense considering that they only use USP (United States Pharmacy) vegetable glycerin, USP Propylene Glycol, and GRAS (generally recognized as safe) natural and artificial flavors. Another good thing is that they don’t Diacetyl, a compound usually used for buttery tastes but not safe for vaping. In short, being a US-based manufacturer, they only use the top quality ingredients.

On the flip side, they use Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl as substitutes for Diacetyl in most of their flavors. While these products have been approved by FDA in food flavoring, but I try to stay away from these when it comes to vaping. The good news is that Vape Craft told us that they are working on a second version of flavors that will be free of Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl.


It’s virtually impossible to beat Vape Craft when it comes to pricing. A 120 mL bottle will last for about a month, for moderate to intense vaping. In other words, you can get a month’s worth juice for anything between $15 to $25. That’s less than a dollar per day. However, this is because they have used Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl, and the prices for the second version of flavors might be high when more expensive alternatives are used.


Considering their great customer service, rock bottom prices, decent ingredients and good flavors, it’s hard not to recommend Vape Craft e juices. However, for serious vapers and cloud chasers, who are willing to spend big bucks on e-juices, Vape Craft isn’t the best choice. But, for beginners and intermediate vapers who just want to test the waters, Vape Craft offers the most affordable prices and a variety of flavors to flirt with.

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