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Blue Raspberry Gelato


Blue Raspberry Gelato by Cannatique

Lineage :  Unknown

THC level : 27,38%

CBD level : 0.32%


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Blue raspberry gelato is a newly released strain by Cannatique Farms LA. Cannatique Farms is known to grow one of the best premium quality cannabis in the USA. The lineage or genetics of this strain is unknown. It has a total THC level of 27.38% and a very low CBD level of 0.32% racking a total cannabinoids of 28.20%.

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Blue Raspberry Gelato is known for providing a pleasing high that can make the user feel ‘berry good.’ It’s used in medical practices to promote good mental health, act as a pain reliever, as well as help people with sleeping disorders. Also, this strain relaxes the mind and through its sedative powers, it helps in treating insomnia alongside anxiety disorders.

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