Buy Grandiflora Genetics Weed Strains Online USA

Buy Grandiflora Genetics Weed Strains Online

Grandiflora Genetics, an Oakland brand was founded in 2008 around cannabis culture. Grandiflora Genetics was established in 2008. Pineapple Piss and Yahemi are the most well-known strains that this breeder/grower has produced.

Grandiflora has been cultivating unique strains of cannabis since 2008. The brand recently upped its distribution game by partnering with leading lifestyle and cannabis brand Cookies.

The CEO of Cookies, a Bay Area rapper, Berner, found Grandiflora Genetics several years ago. He sent Grandiflora an Instagram message complimenting the product. A partnership was formed after Berner visited Grandiflora’s facility in 2018 and saw lots of buds.

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Here, you can order the latest released weed strains from this breeder/grower at very affordable prices. Browse our website to view and purchase discreetly the best strains from Grandiflora Genetics. We have a wide range of strains which includes

  • Red Velvet
  • E85
  • Project 4516
  • Randi Candi
  • Grandi Guava
  • Pineapple Piss
  • Yahemi
  • Hectane

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