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Loma Prieta


THC : 20.53%

CBD : <2%

Genetics : Melonade X Project 4516 X Unknown


Buy Loma Prieta Weed Strain by Grandiflora Genetics

Buy Loma Prieta Weed Strain by Grandiflora Genetics

Firstly, I must say Grandiflora Genetics does packaging like no other breeder or grower. They are well-designed bags and stand out with their artwork. The genetics of this strain are Melonade X Project 4516 cross with an unknown/undisclosed strain.  When I open the seal, I am greeted by a familiar Gelato-type aroma that is pleasant to the nose. The flower is beautiful and looks like a top-quality flower. It is refreshingly natural looking and doesn’t appear to have had any PGRs during the growing process. 

Loma Prieta Taste

The flower has a fresh, earthy, sweet aroma that can be detected if you dig deeper. Melonade may have a slight fruity undertone. You can smell it even more if you smoke a piece. If it were big enough, I could live in this bag.

Aroma of Loma Prieta

The flavor is almost citrusy when you dry-pull a joint. The flavor is a combination of Gelato/Sherbert and a little gas. The full-fat terps are rich in flavor and burn almost flawlessly. Although the terps are similar to that of Raspberry Cheesecake by IOG, I think this one is superior.

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