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American Pie


THC : 25.19%

CBD : 0.049%

Genetics : Apple Fritter X Triangle Mints


Buy American Pie Weed Strain by Doja Exclusive

Buy American Pie Weed Strain by Doja Pak Exclusive

American Pie is the result of crossing Apple Fritter x Triangle Mints, also known as Wedding Cake. The first impression upon smelling the flower was that of Nuken, a Canadian strain. It has a strong, tart, gassy scent with overtones that include cream, citrus, berry, and dried fruit. Although I wouldn’t name it without hearing its name, I can imagine it being compared to an Apple Pie or similar. The Strain has beautiful flower buds. However, you’ll notice how dry and brittle the nugs are. The bud has a brittle, spiky taste and is definitely dry. The appearance has some positives too. It has a natural look and lots of trichomes stacked on top of one another. Although I believe the smoke quality is more important than aesthetics, it would be nice to have some better buds if you are paying top-end.

Doja Pak Exclusive’s American Pie Review

The smoke is the saving grace and makes up for any mistakes along the way. It smokes flawlessly full fat terps, thick resin ring, and beautiful ash. It is possible to take a large burn and enjoy it without any harshness or coughing. It is a sweet, creamy and earthy flavor with a hint of sugar. The taste is musky thanks to the addition of the Triangle Kush gas grandparent and a floral undertone from Apple Fritter. Although it’s not a new flavor, it’s definitely an upgrade to a standard Wedding Cake. Although I love this strain, the terps always needed something more. This is best described as a caramelised Wedding Cake.

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