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RS11 by Doja Pak

THC Level : 28.63%

THCA level : 29.41%

CBD Level : 0.0%


Buy RS11 Weed Strain By Doja Pak Exotics

Buy RS11 Weed Strain Online By Doja Pak Exotics

RS11, Wizard Trees and Deep East by Doja Pak are a cross between Black Sherbert, OZ Kush and Pink Guava. I have to say, this is a new supergroup at school, and it’s fair to say that the cross would make the scar everyone is talking about. I was very interested in the appearance and structure of the buttons. For the most part, my eighth was a giant button with a few small buttons. The flowers are purple, indicating that sherbert and skittlez dominate.

RS11 Weed Strain For Sale Online Doja Pak Exotics

The fragrance Doja Pak’s RS11, is a complex mixture of sweet candy tones from Black Sherbert and from OZ Kush. I would also describe the nose as a mixture of sharp, sweet and musky gas tones. I found that he would inhale sweeter candies with subtle sour gas tones. Meanwhile, the exhalation develops in the opposite direction, the gas tones become more forward, amplified by subtle candy tones, and softer citrus tones appear. Thanks to the dynamic taste profile, Doja Pak’s RS11, Wizard Trees and Deep East can easily bring the unique smoking experience he has created. Also my big ole button was fired, which led to a very clean height.

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I have found that long is very useful with a clear head and at the same time pack a major blow, perfect pandemic tension. I wasn’t sitting on the couch, on the contrary, because it helped me find a boost to creativity and productivity. From the smell to the taste profile, I enjoy all aspects of the smoking experience and height. In addition, I enjoyed my first meeting with Doja Pak, Deep East and Wizard Trees. After this experience, I look forward to other tribes by visiting them.

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