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Original Breeder : Grandiflora Genetics

Aroma : Pungent Gas & Diesel with a sweet cake backend

Taste : Gassy, Earthy Cake

THC : 22.80%

CBD : 0.0%


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Grandiflora Genetics developed the Cookies E85 strain, a hybrid cannabis plant. The strain is known for its fruity and sweet dessert aroma, which is balanced by a sweet, candy-like taste. Grandiflora Genetics has a THC-dominant strain with dense nugs. This results in higher flower yield. Crossbreeding Wedding Cake and Project4516 strains creates the E85 strain. It retains its parental density and smell. E85 is a high-level ethanol-gasoline flex fuel. It was probably named for it. This is why the strain’s flower is known to be gas.

Furthermore, multiple awards were won in 2018 and 2019 for the parent strain Wedding Cake, also known by Pink Cookies or Triangle Mints #23. It is tall, doubles in size after flowering and produces good yields. E85’s dense nature is due to the Wedding Cake flower, but it does not have its unique vanilla scent. Project 4516, an indica-leaning cross, provides the unique fruity scent that E85 can appreciate.

Cookies E85 Weed Strain Effects

You may experience a strong high, as well as amazing relaxation benefits. Doctors have recommended this strain for the treatment of depressive. Moreover, this strain can cause you to feel like you’re in a coma. It should be smoked after work or on a rest day. This cannabis is said to have calming and relaxing effects, as well as making you happy and relaxed. Finally, you can purchase this strain online and get it delivered directly to your doorstep at very cheap prices. 



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