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Gary Payton Cookies


Original Breeder : Powerzzzup Genetics

Genetics : Snowman x Y Life

Aroma : Strong Gas with a burnt rubber finish

Flavor : Super Smooth Gas

Experience : Strong, Heavy body feel


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Gary Payton Cookies aka The Glove is a Hall of Fame basketball player best known for his defensive skills. He played primarily for the Seattle Supersonics (now the Oklahoma City Thunder) with Shawn Kemp, but won his only NBA championship with LeBron James and The Heat. Gary Payton also played for the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. He carried the number 20 for most of his career.

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Gary Payton, a cannabis strain, is a cross between The Y and Snowman. It was created by Kenny Powers of Powerzzzup Genetics, OG on the Bay Area hemp scene and an original member of the popular Cookies Family (responsible for supplying the world of Girl Scout Cookies). The powerful hybrid has a much stronger terpene profile that will scream in your face every hour when you burst a glass of GP, as the name suggests

Gary Payton smell and taste

Gary Payton has many different scents.

For the most part, it smells like a mixture of earthy, sour, funky, gaseous, lemon terpenes. This can only be described in one word: strong.


Gary Payton can see this in several different ways depending on where you get it. From this blue biscuit bag, you can expect the flower to have a combination of green, purple and orange. It is one of those tribes you are looking for and you know right away that you want to try it. It should be sticky and fresh to the touch, ripe after smoking.

In addition, Other manifestations of Gary Payton by other growers have a mix of green and yellow. You look at a plant and it looks good for smoking in the sun, which is like having to burn Gary.

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