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Collins Ave Cookies


ORIGINAL BREEDER: Cookies x Seed Junky Genetics

AROMA: Tart cream

FLAVOR: Bright sweet cream

EXPERIENCE: Balanced head and body high

THC Level : 21.8%

CBD Level : 0.0%


Buy Collins Ave Weed Strain by Cookies

Buy Collins Ave Weed Strain by Cookies at very affordable prices with discreet shipping worldwide. Collins Ave is another new Cookies hit with many secrets. Information about this new strain is even more obscure. So far, we know that it is a hybrid strain that comes from crossing Kush Mints 11 with GTI and then again with KM11. The nugas have the look and feel of an extremely grateful Blue Dream or OG tribe. The aromas that come out are sweet, citrus, like yogurt and have a classic oil scent.

Collins Ave Flavor and Smell

The scent on Collins Ave is definitely unique. With a typical citrus flavor profile, there are tones of sweet and creamy mint that are guaranteed to get you drunk before you light up. The taste is very similar to the berry / citrus flavor, followed by menthol undertones, which, when tasted, create cooling. Consider Orange Creamsicle x Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.


The real buds are small-medium and have a menacing dark green-green color that warns all consumers that you are going to shove it in the ass after smoking this strong variety. Combined with frosty white trichomes reminiscent of the sandy Miami Beach bordered by true Collins Ave and Sherbert’s orange pistils that resemble the overall color of the state in daylight, it’s the perfect representation of Florida beaches.


Patients reported that they felt a wonderful body vibration, cerebral, euphoric, happy, relaxing and stimulating effects. You can taste Berry, Citrus, Creamy, Lemon and Sour flavors. In the production of Berry, Creamy, Diesel and Sour fragrances. If you are experiencing chronic illness, depression, fatigue, abuse or stress, Collins Ave or Cookies can be a stressors for you.



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