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Crushers Gushers 2.0


Crushers Gushers 2.0 by Big Al’s Exotics

THC Level : 26.36%

CBD Level : 0.241%

Total Cannabinoids : 28.38%


Buy Crushers Gushers 2.0 Strain by Big Al’s Exotics

Buy Crushers Gushers 2.0 Strain by Big Al’s Exotics at very cheap prices online. This strain packs a punch with a whooping 26.36% thc level. It also carries a 0.241% CBD level and a total cannabinoid of 28.38%.¬† Big Al’s Exotics is a weed brand available at licensed weed dispensaries in California.

Brand Strains: Blue Crushers Gushers 4.0, Ting, L.A. Street Heat, Northern Fiore, Showtime, Gushers and more.

Crushers Gushers 2.0 Weed Strain Big Al’s Exotics Review

In this area, we’ll look vividly on the smell, appearance and taste of this weed strain;


Right of the bat you get a sweet and citrusy tones. You might also smell some gassy fruity smell and a little candy-like smell. The overall smell on this strain is definitely outstanding.


Nice purple hints and quite a lot of orange hairs. Very nice trichomes on the nugs. The purple is very dark. The nugs a very sticky which is a very positive note for this strain.

Crushers Gushers 2.0 Flavor

This one has that sativa flavor even though it’s a hybrid. Just as advertised, you get very strong citrus flavor from the joint. The flavors definitely stands out as soon as you get the first hit coughing wise.


The high is more focus and head high and makes your eyes a lil heavy but doesn’t make you sleepy like an indica.

4.9/5 - (11 votes)

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