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Blue Zlushie


Genetics : Ice Cream Cake x Grapefruit Zkittlez x Gelato 41

THC Level : 35.175%

CBD Level : 0.317%

Total Cannabinoids : 36.025%


Purchase Blue Zlushie Weed Strain By LA Traffic

Buy Blue Zlushie Weed Strain by LA Traffic. Blue Zlushie Strain is a cross of Grapefruit Zkittlez X Ice Cream Cake X Gelato 41. It has a citrus peel soap, skunky ammonia, dryer sheet, fruit punch saltwater taffy core. Medium-sized buds with a couple of tiny pieces of weed added for weight. The humidity is in the perfect zone for combustion and vapour. Sticky, nice cure. Sprinkled with kiefy frosting. However, it has an Above-Average – Spacey head high that sets you back into the couch for a bit.

Aroma and Flavor

The smell is equally strong as I expected, however it’s not the terp profile I had in mind. A lot of citrus rind that is soapy on the first note before some skunky notes that are astringent with a hint freshly cleaned dryer sheet and linen come to the forefront before ending with an saltwater Taffy version of blue fruit punch. The volume is approximately 8. It’s very enjoyable.

Blue Zlushie Weed Appearance

The humidity is at a high and is in a perfect condition to be enjoyed right away through combustion or the vapor. In terms of aesthetics, this is a stunning bud that looks gorgeous with its dark, deep purple hues and its rich glittering layer of trichs. Hence, a small amount of grapefruit peel remains on my hands after the break up.

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