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Cherry Gelato by Backpackboyz

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Cherry gelato strain is a pretty recent release from backpackboyz. Cherry Gelato by backpackboyz is a hybrid strain (60% sativa and 40% indica) made by crossing Black Cherry Funk with Acai. The effects of Cherry Gelato weed are soothing and then uplifting. Consumers who smoke this strain say they feel euphoric, relaxed and creative. Cherry Gelato is best enjoyed in the afternoon or evening and there are some nice activities that require creative thinking. In taste, you can expect a sweet taste combination of tropical beans.

Cherry Gelato Review

A Leafly reviewer called Cherry Gelato “one of the best heights” they ever had. The dominant terpene of this strain is pinene, followed by caryophyllene and limonene. According to growers, Cherry Gelato blooms in dense nugs with dark green and burnt orange leaves. The original breeder of this species is backpackboyz.


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