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Coochie Runtz


Coochie Runtz by Runtz and Rapper YN Jay

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Coochie Runtz strain by Runtz with rapper YN Jay. When you open the bag, you’ll notice the strain has a very sweet, gassy, grapey sugary candy smell. The buds are dense, frosty, purple and green traits with orange hairs. On breaking the nugs, you’ll definitely get some of that gelato funk in it.

Coochie Runtz Strain Taste and Buds Review

This weed has a similar taste to white runtz. After taking two or three hits of this strain then you’ll get its full flavor and taste. This strain has smooth, gassy candy like grapey, sugary and a little earthiness to it.

We did find some growers mention that in addition to preferring cooler temperatures due to heat’s effect on the plant’s nutrient levels, Runtz particularly needs to be monitored for humidity. The reason is that it’s susceptible to mold, so growers recommend keeping Runtz trimmed more carefully than usual to prevent mold buildup in its beautiful branches.


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