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Heavy Duck Sauce


Genetics : Platinum Zkittlez X Gelato 41

THC Level : 32%

CBD Level : 0.229%


Buy Heavy Duck Sauce Weed Strain by Teds Budz & Eastside Eggroll

Buy duck sauce weed strain online by Teds Budz and Eastside Eggroll. This strain is a cross between platinum zkittlez and gelato 41. The smell out of the bag is very candy-like up top, the Zkittlez really comes through at first, but it also has a very fresh vaporous backing that becomes more and more prominent the longer you try to work through the other scents. Breaking open the bud you get a sense for its mild density, it’s not super fluffy but has a good give to the squeeze. The smell gets slightly brighter but is essentially the same as the bag. It has that candy sweetness trying to take the dominant spot but the vaporousness is just holding it down at every turn.

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Hand-pulling it down will leave a strong scent of sweet candy vapors on your fingertips The grinds make the scent take on its final shape and is the characteristic of the sweet candy gas. The harmony that is present in the candy-like scent is like it is a symphony that flows through my senses, becoming an accordion-like symphony which is a fuel source as well as a scent that is a little distant similar to floral. I am awestruck by this scent and if could move into it and stay there, I would.

All in all, I really liked everything about this Duck Sauce weed. It checks all the boxes and I would be down to give another batch a shot. Buy Duck Sauce Weed Strain

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