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Galactic Gas


Galactic Gas by Alien Labs

Gelato x Gelato

THC : 25.93%

THCa : 28.95%

CBD : 0.06%


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The name of this one alone just how might I keep staying clear of?!? Oh yeah due to the fact that it’s gelato on gelato. Not a surprise right here this was some really purple blossom with extremely little environment-friendly peeking out. The small orange pistils can be hardly viewed as they’re tiny and also stashed. Hefty covering of frost actually provides it that cold out look too. The structure was nice yet the smaller buds did make it laborious to break apart and also get rid of the stems. Buy Galactic Gas Strain

When scenting you truly get smell of diesel and want as well as can truly feel it on my nose it’s so pungent. Regular skunk smell seems more pungent than typical as well. When smoking Galactic Gas, it’s very rough and hefty however again the cure was great and also scorched clean yet the taste is so rough it choked me every time. Alien Labs Exotics

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The flavors that come out are earthy and gas and also little bit of skunk. The high was outstanding came on quick and also solid. Really unwinding and certainly wanted to simply sit and cool after. You truly feel it start to make everything really feel much heavier yet it’s uplifting as well as a stress and anxiety reliever so it’s worth it and also an actually great evening cap.

Overall one of the smoothest smoke as well as because I can locate equally as heavy smoke that’s smoother I will certainly steer clear of from this in the future. I’m simply not a huge follower of gelato terps yet it’s still actually good smoke if that’s your point. Buy Galactic Gas Weed Alien Labs

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