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Italian Cherryz


Italian Cherryz by Backpackboyz

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Buy Italian Cherryz Weed Strain Backpackboyz

Italian Cherryz weed strain has an exceptional taste and flavor. This is a newly released weed strain by Backpackboyz group from California. This strain has a very high THC level with little to no CBD levels detected. It is very similar to the Italian Ice strain which is also grown by backpakcboyz. When I open the package the bud saluted me with some strong fruit and funk, almost musky. It could be mistaken for being gassy, but this is something a little different. It’s more sour and sweaty, in a good way. This stuff is stank. buy italian cherryz weed

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Dense little nugs, but I’m not complaining. Very dark purple, with lighter shades of green and tiny little orange pistils creep out like a little jungle. Think about the taste you have when biting into the seed of a blackberry or watermelon seed. Then it develops into familiar #gelato terrain. And that taste does stick to the roof of your mouth and linger for quite some time. I have to mention… the packaging, hype, and branding really do it for me here.


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