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Penis Envy mushrooms are fast becoming the most prized of all Cubensis strains.

The effects of the magical Penis Envy mushroom, including sub-strains such as albino penis envy, blue pe, etc., are comparable to most other Cubensis fungal strains, but have a strong increase in visual effects and are deeply introspective. Strong feelings of joy or euphoria, deep thought, abstract thinking, constant excitement and feelings of connection with the world are some of the possible effects.
The effects and strength of mushrooms envy the penis
Why are these fungi called Penis Envy fungi?

The Envy Penis sponge looks like a penis. A little big on it, as well as jealousy.

The penis-envious trunk of mushrooms has a wide, strong steel-white color, a large spherical hat, the density of which is one of the closest types of magic mushrooms.
Penis Envy Mushrooms contain one of the few commonly grown albino mushrooms; Albino Penis Envy strain because albino mushrooms are so rare.

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This variant is known to be the strongest of the Cubensis mushrooms even though there are no reliable test result due to current legality issues.

However, it is well documented among experienced growers in many countries that the availability of nutrients and the diversity of the substrate in which the mushrooms are grown directly affects the ability of each strain to produce strong fruits. Substrates with low nutrient content, such as brown rice, inevitably produce smaller fungi with lower efficiency than organic mixed substrates. To avoid reducing fruit size, abundance and psilocybin production, most nutrients always use the various substrate mixtures available. We recommend our BOOM blocks, which are often described as the simplest of all the mushroom mixes that have ever been produced.

For more experienced growers or those who prefer bulk or monotube methods, this monotube mushroom growing kit is a good choice ready to grow. Our mushroom substrates are great for growing ANY variety of these magic mushrooms, and our selection of premium mushroom growing kits can grow any mushroom you choose. Many informal reports state that the experience gained from consuming Penis Envy mushrooms is stronger, more euphoric and more visual than other magic mushrooms from the same family. This side effect is due to the higher concentration of psychotropic alkaloids. Modern pharmacology has only recently been studied
Albino Penis Envy, Penis Envy Uncut and other Penis Envy mushroom strains

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Several mycologists have teamed up with Pollock to isolate and cross the Penis Envy variant. The result has been several different sub variants, from deliberate attempts to cross strain. Through some bizarre mutations that have spread, including the Albino Penis Envy, Penis Envy Uncut, Texas Penis Envy.
The Albino Penis Envy strain has a milky white color similar to Albino PF. In general, the albino Penis Envy is smaller than the Penis Envy.

Albino Penis Envy Uncut is reportedly the strongest of all Penis Envy shroom strains. The caps are also noticeably darker than the normal Penis Envy class.

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