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Yellow Zushi


Lineage : Zkittlez X Kush Mints


Buy Yellow Zushi Weed Strain By Zushi and TENco Online

Buy Yellow Zushi Weed Strain by Zushi and TENco Online.

Yellow Zushi is an excellent cross of Zkittlez strain and Kush Mints Strain. Straight buds from zkittlez, these were so pretty! Mostly all small and a few medium sized, these were neatly trimmed round buds with beautiful light green leaves and large intertwined light orange hairs. Very good remedy for her. They broke perfectly but they were very soft and mushy buds.

Yellow Zushi Aroma

Couldn’t take my nose out of the bag, ​​very sweet fresh smell that actually reminded me of a cross between Zkittlez and Zoap. Definitely heavy on the caramel side, but it had that amazing fresh air smell. The smell turned into an even stronger caramel smell as you cracked the nugget.

Taste and Flavor

It has very sweet taste very similar to smell. The taste wasn’t as strong as I expected based on the strong smell. It also burned very, very hot and lost a bit of flavor halfway through the joint. At this point it was getting pretty rough and very hot. The ash was very white with a large drop of resin. as strong as expected. It was definitely a strong, uplifting high that got my body tingling, but it wasn’t what I was envisioning.

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