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Bon Bons


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Thc level : 26.61%

Total Cannabinoids : 32.995%


Buy Bon Bons Weed Strain Online

Buy Bon Bons Weed Strain Online

The genetics Bon Bons weed are Gelato 41 x Triangle Kush which are also the purported genetics of the Eyefuls fam strain Gushers. That cultivar, still, is extensively believed to actually be Gelato 41 x Motorbreath 15 bred by DanDango.
Sorely there’s a lot of bank and glasses in the cannabis assiduity so it can be hard to say for sure, still I did read nearly online that Bon Bons was named from bag seeds which could mean it’s indeed the same exact strain. At the end of the day it’s not worth unyoking hairs over as the Triangle Kush and Motorbreath are in the same family of flavors and bound to be fire either way

Buy Bon Bons Weed Strain by Seven Leaves

Now that we’ve bandied the giant in the room let’s go back to the details. The packaging is appealing and I like the fact the bag is filled with air like a bag of crisps (chips for those of you that speak Yank) and protects your flower a bit better.
Breaking the seal, the smell is extremely strong, with a sweet Gelato smell that’s incontinently recognizable. The nose is a tasteful blend of sweet and delicate chocolate and musky berries. When base up the smell transforms further into a sweet gas.

Bon Bons flower looks the part with a strong structure and spectacular array of color including a beautiful range of grandiloquent tones.
The champion nug counted in at 1.6g with the aggregate coming to 3.66g which is always nice to see. The thickness of the flower itself is fairly dry and brittle but surely not too dry.

Bon Bons Weed Strain by Seven Leaves

The bank is smooth with a full bodied flavor giving off earthy, sweet and chocolatey sherb/ gelato notes. There’s also hints of the citric gas but it surely takes a backseat. A great blend and full of flavor.
My first joint didn’t have the meet ash but was still what I would consider white ash. The alternate joint I rolled tighter and more precisely and it burned absolutely spot on with a noticeably better flavor. It just goes to show how big an impact the roll has.

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