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Grease Monkey


Grease Monkey by Seven Leaves

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Buy Grease Monkey Weed Strain Online

Buy Grease Monkey Weed Strain Online

Grease Monkey Strain is a cross between GG4 and Cookies and Cream strain. Reaching fulfill as well as talk with the associate at Seven Leaves was a genuine satisfaction. She was extremely interesting and enthusiastic concerning their items and the marijuana area in general, and I have to emphasize how essential and advantageous it remains in my viewpoint for a company to have that sort of real and knowledgeable person communicating to their potential consumers. I would certainly such as to say a large thanks to Seven Leaves for the generous examples to evaluate.

When considering this blossom, it was aesthetically enticing general. The buds were mainly a medium green, with a couple of areas of purple, as well as orange pistils expanded rather uniformly. The nugs were moderate sized and constantly coated with trichomes. The framework behaved and simple to break apart, and it had an actually well done treatment. This one was a bit dry, yet still actually sticky. I didn’t see any kind of dates on the packaging so not exactly sure of the exact age.

Buy Grease Monkey Strain by Seven Leaves Online

When smelling the blossoms, I picked up on the acquainted gas notes from the chem genetics that I usually scent in GMO pressures. It really comes off like a new rubber scent. There were skunky earthy notes, too.

When smoking, Grease Monkey resembled somebody had dipped it in kerosene. To me it tasted like Chem with added rubber as well as diesel notes. The smoke was rather smooth thinking about the rough terps, yet it really expanded my lungs and also still had me choking on big bong rips.

The high was rather solid, with kicking back sedative results. I would recommend it for a night smoke however also felt it had not been also heavy to cool and also rest while enjoying television or playing computer game. I mostly really felt the high around the head and also eyes, yet slowly it relocated down throughout my body, although much less obvious the more from my head it obtained.


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