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Sugar Cake


Sugar Cake by Jungle Boys

Genetics : Divorce cake x Jungle Cake

THC : 27.50782%

CBD : 0.5643%


Buy Sugar Cake Weed Strain by Jungle Boys

Buy Sugar Cake Weed Strain by Jungle Boys

Sugar Cake Strain is a cross between Divorce cake x Jungle Cake. Well, I fell for the “don’t miss this absolute fire” post put out by Jungle Boys and scooped Sugar Cake. The bag appeal on this one was crazy. So much so that I couldn’t really get a picture I liked of it. It was almost like the shimmer of the frost was fucking up the color settings or something, very weird…. but, I don’t know jack about photography as probably can be seen by my inconsistent results.

The buds were all kinds of green with arrays of orange pistils, mostly at the tops. They were heavily coated in resin, so much so that the flowers actually came out looking odd. When smelling you get a sweet and skunky, earthy smell.

Buy Jungle Boys Jungle Cake Strain Online

Not really a very exciting aroma, kind of reminded me of Jungle Cake terps but not as good, and nothing discernible from the Divorce Cake. When smoking it came across as earthy skunk or basic weed taste, and there was nothing wrong with how it burned.

The high from sugar cake was solid and definitely did what it needed to do — relaxed me and elevated my mood. Overall, this strain was very good and was very much what I was expecting. A good Exotic strain from Jungle Boys once again.

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