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Florida Kush #33


Florida Kush #33 by Jungle Boys

Genetics : L.A. Kush Cake x TK BX1

THC Level : 33.47%

CBD Level : 0.07155%

Total Cannabinoids : 40.17779%



Buy Florida Kush #33 by Jungle Boys Farms LA

Buy Florida Kush #33 Strain by Jungle Boys is a cross between L.A. Kush Cake x Triangle Kush BX1. It has a high THC level 33.47% with a very low CBD level 0.07155% totaling Cannabinoids of 40.17779%. Jungle Boys strains like Florida Kush #33 can be purchased at Premium Cart Shop at the cheapest prices online in USA, Europe, Canada and Australia.

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This Jungle Boys strain batch is gassy with a citrus smell with very good looking super dense buds. This strain is mostly indica dominant and can glue you to the couch after several hits. The impact on the lungs expansion is really strong and makes a little hard to breath after a few seconds. The flavor is smooth, earthy and gassy and the citrus experience is kinda absent. The high and effects of this strain is definitely on point. Triangle kush strain

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