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Frosted Gelato


Frosted Gelato by Jungle Boys

THC : 24.25894%

CBD : 0.5236%


Buy Frosted Gelato Weed Strain By Jungle Boys

Buy Frosted Gelato Weed Strain by Jungle Boys

The flowers were pretty striking, with lots of purples and also simply enough environment-friendly and orange to provide it some contrasting looks that actually appeal to the eye. Nugs had good condition, good framework and also cure, and were truly very easy to collaborate with. When smelling this blossom, you obtain a nice gassy sweet taste that absolutely reminds me of Gelato– however there’s this almost-artificial sweet terp there too, that makes it sweeter as well as more delightful than a common Gelato. buy frosted gelato jungle boys

When smoking frosted gelato, you really taste the pleasant gas of the Gelato, with some additional earthy and sweet notes. I do not normally think I ‘d taste with a Gelato. Although the preference really did not blow me away, it was still fairly strong and also satisfying. With this blossom the noteworthy point was the head adjustment– began quick and also strong.

Buy Jungle Boys Frosted Gelato Strain Detroit and Miami

Not too long before I felt like my extremities weighed two times as much as well as was feeling clumsy walking around the area. I need to state, it was an exceptional high that lasted a great quantity of time. Most definitely had me sofa locked as soon as also. Overall, not the most unique terps and not actually up my alley taste-wise, yet I would definitely order this one again just for the high. frosted gelato jungle boys

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