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GMO Cookies


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THC Level : 28%

CBD Level : 0.6%

Typical Effects : Euphoric , Relaxed, Happy

Typical Usage : Depression, Insomnia, Stress


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GMO Cookies weed strain is a potent Indica-dorminant strain with a heavy scent and potent sedative effect. It was bred by Mamiko Seeds by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg. This is where it gets its stanky flavors and insane pungency. If you want to fly high and stink all the way there, GMO Cookies is the way to do it.

Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

The orange and purple buds are shaped like flat peppers and wrapped in a blanket of clear trichomes. The aroma is a deeply strange combination of flavors and sensations. The taste, which also reaches your nose, is overwhelmingly garlicky, spicy and pungent. It’s going to stay on your palette for a while, so you better get used to it! It smells like herbs and spicy coffee, also with a rotten smell. If you want GMO cookies, you must crave them for hours because they don’t go away easily.

GMO Cookies Effects

The effects and average THC content of 25% make the strain ideal for those suffering from chronic pain and inflammation. Fatigue and insomnia can be a vicious circle that this strain can break. It also banishes depression and helps you kill the vampire of your stress with the garlic of justice. However, if you are ready, it can relax and draw you in. It will lift your brain until you contemplate true happiness – you will be in the clouds for hours. you will float Immerse yourself in a calm, deeply relaxed, deeply sedated sleep. Both mind and body succumb to the charm of the tempting transgenic cookies.

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