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Purple Punch


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THC Level 24.16%

CBD Level 0.34%


Buy Purple Punch Weed Strain Online

Buy Purple Punch Weed Strain Online

Purple Punch was created by crossing Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple & you can see some of that in the beautiful color she presents. The nose is one of the sweetest around & one of the reasons I love it so much. Open the jar & your greeted with the sweetest grape & blueberry aroma with a mix of smooth & creamy pastry notes at the end. Truly smells like walking into your local bakery as their ovens are firing on all cylinders!

Purple Punch’s nose carries over to the smoke fairly well but I noticed more of an earthy herbal spice to it than I was expecting. The creamy fruit notes hit immediately but are quickly met with this danky herbal spice on the exhale!

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Purple Punch is exactly as it sounds; a knockout punch of mental euphoria & sedation. The heavy & heady mental euphoria hits your brain almost immediately after that first rip. You can feel the weight of this strain in your brow & eyes primarily. Eyes sunken, cheeks melted & brain fried by the end of the bowl. As the mind continues to climb higher, the sedative & paralyzing body high starts to set in. It’s entirely debilitating so plan to find your comfy spot on the couch & just zone out.

I can’t ever stay awake for longer than an hour after smoking this strain. It is so heavy & sedative! If you’re looking for a great night’s sleep or just need to numb your brain for an evening; try this one!

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