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Tropicana Cookies


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THC Level 22%

CBD Level 0.077%


Buy Tropicana Cookies Weed Strain Online

Buy Tropicana Cookies Weed Strain Online

Tropicana Cookies strain was created by oniseedco & crosses Tangie x GSC! This cut definitely leaned more towards that Tangie parent as it presented that sweet, tangy bubblegum aroma that TC is known for. The Tangie nose has grown on me but it was the subtle creamy cookie back end to this that really made my mouth water every time I opened the jar!

The smoke on this was extremely fresh & lively. I didn’t get many GSC flavors because of how strong the sweet & tangy citrus flavors are. One unique thing this cut presented was a lingering sweet lemon flavor on the taste buds after the exhale! Tons of sweet lemon & candy orange flavors on this girl!

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Tropicana Cookies Weed is listed as a sativa dominant hybrid & there’s an incredibly powerful cerebral high to this one! Furthermore, This strain made me feel like a race horse with blinders on! I haven’t come across a strain that has made me feel this focused & “in it”. I’ve been smoking this right after work for the past week or so & it helps keep my energized & on task to cook dinner & run around with my rugrat after a hard day’s work.

This strain is very cerebral with a relaxing aura to it. It won’t produce couch lock or the “don’t wannas” but will have you feeling blissfully relaxed mentally. Finally, I’ll say this is a great strain to wake & bake with or smoke right before a work out!


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