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Banana Punch


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THC Level 25.89%

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Buy Banana Punch Weed Strain Online

Buy Banana Punch Weed Strain Online

Banana Punch was created by crossing Banana OG x Purple Punch & features an overly tropical nose. Rich bananas mixed with sour tropical citrus i great way to describe the aroma that jumps out of the jar!

Much like the nose, the smoked packs a heavy hit of flavor. I noticed more of a tropical pineapple flavor on the inhale but was quickly followed by spicy berries & ripe banana flavors!

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Mixing an OG of any kind & Purple Punch is a deadly combination for me. This strain hit like a ton of bricks; head-to-toe. It starts with an overpowering mental euphoria that almost makes you feel like you fell head over heels. That euphoria melts into a complete body paralysis that will glue you to the couch for th evening.

That mental euphoria left me with this overly joyful feeling that kept a smile on my face all night. I can begin to tell you how relaxing & calming this strain is. It melts all stresses, aches, worries & pains away; mentally & physically. It also packs that powerful punch to help you go to sleep with ease! This is a great strain for those suffering from mental stress, body aches & pains or insomnia!

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This strain is great for unwinding at the end of a long day, however suppose you require a bit of assistance when it concerns clinical problems? Many case that this stress is exceptional in restorative applications, assisting to reduce anxiousness and also anxiety for hours on end. Given this bud has a tendency to be instead kicking back in nature, you may wish to check out just how well she battles insomnia. Those that need to get rid of an anorexia nervosa or treat instances of physical pains as well as pains additionally describe Banana Punch as a true lifesaver.

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