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Ray-K 41


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Lineage : White Cherries X Gelato 41


Buy Ray-K 41 Weed Strain Online By Hi-Tech Universe

Buy Ray-K 41 Weed Strain Online By Hi-Tech Universe. This strain is a cross of White Cherries X Gelato 41. It’s sweet, nearly bakery-like, with this dank cherry and gelato undertone. As you pearl that up, you’ll discover the ones flavors withinside the pull, with that sweetness extra apparent; It turns into very pleasing. In the primary strike, that taste receives deep however comes out simply because it smells. Upon opening the bag, you’ll discover your self captivated through the aroma.

High of Ray-K 41 Weed Strain

Midway through the joint, you’ll find your mind and body gets a nice buzz, with the gelato going at your neck muscles. It’s smooth ash is really clean too, but it’s got a tough hit on it for those of you who smoke on occasion. A halfway into the smoke, you’ll be chilling. Feeling kind of ghosted as that mental buzz excels and gets right under your eyes. With a relax like this, it’s definitely a vibe flower in my opinion.

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