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Biscotti Strain


THC Level : 31.93%

CBD Level : 0.029%

Lineage : Gelato 45 X South Florida OG


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Buy Biscotti Weed Strain Online

Firstly, biscotti strain is a strong indica-dorminant hybrid strain which crosses Gelato 45 and South Florida OG. The strain creates cerebral highs that leave users feeling at ease, creative and energetic from head to toe. Biscotti relaxes both your mind and body, allowing you to dispel fogginess, lethargy, depression, and mood swings. If you find yourself often confused or fatigued by your busy week, a Biscotti can help you recover your energy. You can use it to prepare for a social situation, jolt yourself back to a state of mood-enhancing relaxation, or just get through a hard day. And if you love Snicker doodles, you’ll love how this one tastes.

Biscotti Strain Appearance

Biscotti flowers have tiny thick buds characterized by deep purple and dark green foliage with pistils that are bright orange. The stunning Trichome coverage of this plant provides it with a high-end appeal.

Biscotti Strain Review

The high starts with a smattering of delicious and gassy smells and a surge of energy in the brain as well as “liftedness.” You brain will be euphoric in a state of utter disorientation and of blissful peace. Your body will feel warm, tingly and cleansed like a shoreline of cookies and milk sea. You’ll feel relaxed, sociable and happy on Biscotti while enjoying the wild sweetness of the strain with a cookie flavor It smells earthy and herbs, fruits and cookies. It’s powerful, sweet and spicy on the exhale.


This strain should be a go to for all patients suffering from nerve pain, muscle spasms, muscle tightness, paralysis, and much much more. Biscotti weed melts all pain and puts the mind at ease.



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