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Cookie Wreck


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THC Level 24.56%

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Buy Cookie Wreck Weed Strain Online

Buy Cookie Wreck Weed Strain Online

Cookie Wreck weed is an in house genetics strain that was created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies x Trainwreck. She produces one of the sweetest noses I’ve across presenting a sweet & sugary vanilla cookie aroma followed with a blast of sweet fruits!

The sweetness from the nose transfer well into the smoke. The inhale boasts a really tasty yet pungent rotting fruit flavor with a creamy vanilla exhale. The rotting fruit flavor on the inhale lingers & leaves quite the funky taste on your taste buds for a minute!

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Cookie Wreck was a wild experience for me. There’s no denying it’s weight & heaviness because I could feel my eyes sinking with every exhale. At the same time, my mind was becoming blank & numb of thought; staring at the wall instead of loading the next bowl. After just a few rips it put me into a dissociative introspection that lasted a good 30 minutes. After just a few rips it put me into a dissociative introspection that lasted a good 30 minutes. I was just cemented to the couch, hazy & lazy, mind floating through space & random thought. My body melted into a puddle while my mind soared higher.

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Started with what felt like a shotgun blast of tingling electricity in my chest which trickled through out my body. It calmed into a warm, fuzzy, tingling feeling that left me feeling weightless the rest of the night. It also has the knockout power for sleep aid! If you’re looking to zone out or just daydream a little; Cookie Wreck is the strain for you no doubt!

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