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Blue Cheese


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 Buy Blue Cheese Weed Strain Online in the UK and Europe

Buy Blue Cheese Weed Strain Online UK and Europe

Blue cheese weed strain is an indica dominant hybrid strain which is derived from crossing blueberry and UK Cheese. Blueberry is an indica- dominant strain from Oregon, while UK Cheese is a cannbis strain originating from the UK. It’s said that Blue Cheese was created in Europe, but there’s no clear evidence of where or when it was first cultivated. 

Effects Of Blue Cheese Strain

This strain is an excellent addition to mental health for people suffering from anxiety, pain, migraines and depression. If you get stressed easily, take this strain with you for relaxation. At higher doses, this strain can help you warm up and get sleepy after a busy day. It may take some time for the peak to occur, but it has a powerful effect. A THC level of 19%-23% means a slow high lasting about an hour.

Flavor and Smell

As the name suggests, it has a unique flavor consisting of a mixture of sweet blueberries and spicy cheese. It tastes like aroma, there is a cheesy smell when exhaling.

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