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Black Cherry Gelato


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THC Level : 24%

Total Cannabinoids : 28%

CBD Level : 0.5%

Lineage : Black Cherry Funk X Acai Berry Gelato 49


Buy Black Cherry Gelato Weed Strain Online Backpackboyz

Buy Black Cherry Gelato Weed Strain Online Backpackboyz. Black cherry gelato is cross between Acai and Black Cherry Funk, comes across with an indica-dominant profile. For most, Black Cherry Gelato takes smokers on a gentle ride through a combination of cerebral and physical effects that are ideal for evening time. The smell and taste were just as expect and tasted and smelled like cherries.  Really enjoyed this strain and was really impressed by the overall bud structure, the trichome coverage and everything really.

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As soon as I pop open the elaborate jar I right now get a candy fruit heady fragrance that I pointers of citrus and a wisp of cherry soda ? ? very enjoyable after each puff I felt myself melting increasingly into the mattress nearly as though I turned into a pint of ice cream left at the counter melting at the counter. After the primary couple puffs I sat and loved the taste of the smoke and as I melted I discover a grin come upon my face a sorta comfortable joy. Feeling definitely closely round my eyes I started out to sense an urge for food build. The enjoyable consequences left me so melted i ought to muster the strength to head make a snack proper away I needed to paintings up the strength however the cookies and milk turned into really well worth it.

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