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White Guava Gelato


White Guava Gelato by Backpackboyz

THC Level : 26.54%

CBD Level : 0.0%

Total Cannabinoids : 30.26%


Buy White Guava Gelato Strain Backpackboyz

Buy White Guava Gelato Weed Strain Backpackboyz

This one is a connoisseur favorite from backpackboyz. Whether its taste, smell, appearance you’re looking for? this strain got it all. Testing at whooping THC level of 26.54% and a CBD level of 0.0%. This strain is straight up savage. The taste is pungent, gassy and citrus with strong traits of gelato. However the buds on this batch are relatively small compared to other strains from backpackboyz.

  • lemon cherry gelato
  • lemon cherry dulce
  • duzalin
  • italia cherryz
  • white zerbert

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The buds on this strain has a light greeny earthy tone to it with very bright orange hairs. Their buds are very fresh and sticky which is a good pass on this one. When you inhale this strain, you get just a mix of flavors like a minty, soapy and kushy flavor.

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