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THC Level : 24.5%

CBD Level : 0.05%

Genetics : Gelonade X Biscotti


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Lemonatti is a brand new cannabis weed strain developed by Connected Cannabis Co. The distinctive mix is creating a lot of buzz from consumers of cannabis across all over the United States, especially on the West Coast. The Lemonatti strain combines Gelonade with Biscotti. The Gelonade side offers a vibrant citrus taste , while Biscotti is a floral and deep and funky flavor. Based on the genetics of Lemonatti, it includes Lemon Tree, Gelato #41 and Gelato 25 And the sour Florida Original within its family tree. Together, they bring the delightful Sativa character of Gelonade and the corporal hammer of Biscotti creating offspring that can compete with its parents in terms of taste and personality.

Effects of Lemonatti Weed Strain by Connected Cannabis Co.

The resulting head high has the potential to exasperate any existing anxiety issues. Users report the initial high as being heavily numbing through the body, but it fades into a subdued, focused feeling. Meanwhile, some report that it’s great for focusing, socializing, and getting stuff done, others report feeling like their head is just a giant balloon and all motivation is zapped immediately by an overwhelming head high.

Lemonatti Weed Strain Appearance

Lemonatti weed strain is a super frosty sativa-dominant hybrid. Its Thc content sits around 24.5%, with a very low CBD content of around 0.05%. The colors combine deep aubergine and hints of midnight blue along with deep greens, coupled with orange pistils. The flowers are dense, break down well very fluffy. The overall profile is a very bright and refreshing lemon essence.

The result is a possible creative, lifting high that inspires increased focus and energy. It is very powerful and is known to take down even the most seasoned smoker. It packs a punch, and the flavor, smell, and look are said to be incredible. Meanwhile, other consumers described it as, “a mellow strain for creativity. It wakes up your mind and gets things going without being too unwieldy.” 


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