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THC Level : 63%

CBD Level : 0.8%


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Moonrocks are cannabis flower buds dipped in extracts and rolled in kief. Moon rocks are commonly strong in THC, average greater than 50%, and are prized primarily for their potency. Moon rocks are known as “cannabis caviar,” but this term officially refers to buds that have been dipped in extracts but do not have a coating of kief on top. Although some cannabis consumers interchangeably refer to moon rocks and cannabis caviar, the phrases originally denoted two different items. Moon rocks or just nugs soaked in cannabis oil are both examples of cannabis caviar. Therefore, make sure you’re buying kief-covered moon rocks if you hear your budtender discussing caviar when you’re purchasing moon rocks at a dispensary. Buy Moonrock Weed

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Moonrocks contain a significant amount of THC, the most desired component of marijuana. The majority of moon rocks have higher over 50% THC since they blend flower plus two concentrates. Due to the fact that the flower, concentrate, and kief all have different potencies, there is a great degree of potency diversity amongst products. Moonrock typically have more than one layer of concentration on them makes for an extremely strong product. Offer a bowl of moon rocks to a new smoker sparingly because to its extreme strength. All CBD moon rock kinds will contain a lot of CBD.

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Nerdz, Mango Mimosa, Strawberry Shortcake, Banana Cream Pie, Cookies N Cream, Guava, Sour Diesel


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