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Sunrocks Strain


Strain Used : OG Kush

THC level : 79%

CBD Level : 0.00012%



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Sunrocks is the 2.0 version of Moonrocks strain. This strain can has been tested with outstanding THC level reaching as high as 80%. SunRocks is an update to MoonRocks, where a bud is plunged in CO2 oil and afterward moved in kief. Anybody can make MoonRocks at home, yet rappers Kurupt and Dr. Zodiac began their own image of the stuff, Kurupt’s MoonRocks, which contains an astounding 51.20% THC. These buds are nearly pretty much as strong as spots, with significantly more flavor and a more grounded smell. Buy Sunrocks Weed

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SunRocks, however, is a bit different. While it’s unclear whether or not different varieties of SunRocks are available, some particularly delicious rocks reportedly contain all OG products, from bud, to wax, to kief. Strains sold as SunRocks do not look like MoonRocks, which are coated with what looks like a hardened layer of kief. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many samples of SunRocks out there yet. But, the buds are certainly developing a reputation for themselves. In a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God, Snoop explains.

This strain is additionally one to share. While spots contain more THC per hit, smoking a whole SunRocks obtuse without anyone else isn’t suggested. In high portions, this strain will surely cause one genuine high. In low to direct dosages, SunRocks strain are remembered to give a strong yet loose and cheery experience, with a magnificent feeling of substantial simplicity. Sunrocks strain USA

Sunrock Cannabis Review

Because of all of the wax, inhaling this strain can be a bit harsh. This THC-laden treat is recommended for use in a bong, blunt, or pipe. Since SunRocks contains both delicate bud and sticky oils, these products are not recommended for use in a vaporizer. Buy sunrocks strain

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