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Red Runtz


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Buy Red Runtz Weed Strain Online

Buy Red Runtz Weed Strain Online

Red Runtz is an exotic genetix mike creation that crosses Red Pop x Runtz! This strain, no lie, has a nose that reminds me of a can of Big Red soda. You know that blast of sugary, carbonated strawberries aroma? Legit smells just like that!

Now, I didn’t feel like the nose transferred to the smoke as well but the strain was still sugary sweet with faint hints of fruitiness. I noticed more of a grape flavor than anything especially on the inhale. My dessert strain lovers are going to really enjoy this for its sweet & fruity profile!

Buy Red Runtz Premium Quality Online

This Runtz was a great mid-afternoon smoke for me. It gave me the stoney, spaced out mental euphoria that I love but didn’t put me down on the couch! The euphoria that is presented with this strain is nothing short of blissful. Stress reducing, uplifting & just overall happy sensations filled my brain throughout the afternoon. There isn’t much to speak about on the body side of things outside of a slightly numbness to the extremities.

I’d say this is a strain for those going through mental strife or tough times. She’s gonna wash away the worries, put a smile on your face & allow your thoughts to escape the drama for a bit without going to sleep or feeling lethargic!

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