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Sunset Runtz


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Buy Sunset Runtz Weed Strain Online

Buy Sunset Runtz Weed Strain Online

Snagged this wild looking strain when I was over at Atascadero over the Christmas weekend. I took one look at the jar & one whiff of the bud & was sold!
Sunset Runtz strain is an exoticgenetix creation that crosses Sunset Sherbet x Runtz! She boasts a rather tropical nose with heavy layers of sour herbs & dank earthiness. After the grinder I found some faint hints of sour fruits & spicy lemon notes.
The smoke mimicked the nose quite well. Lots of sour tropical fruit flavors on the inhale especially. The exhale, much of the same, included a stronger presence of sharp lemon with a kick of gasoline twist that made this a delightful & lively smoke!

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Sunset Runtz weed is a bit of a creeper but rapidly picks up in intensity so be careful. The first thing I noticed, which was after 5 min after my sash, was this deadening or numbing feeling take over my thighs & slowly trickle down to my feet. It’s almost as if this strain erased my legs from my body  The mental side took a bit longer to sit in. 15 min or so & my eyes became a bit sunken & relaxed & this “headband” sensation hit my forehead & brow. It didn’t take long to get lost in a few episodes of Ozark on Netflix with wifey & when I say lost…I mean I was GONE!  Stoney, zoned-out, space cadetting my evening away on the couch! Towards the end of the experience I noticed a slightly heavier crash to this one. Maybe leave this to after work or later in the evening.

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