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White Truffle is it is a hybrid. Its precise origin is unclear but it’s believed to be an Gorilla Butter crossing with a mysterious breeder. The typical THC levels are suitable for new and experienced smokers. Humulene is the dominant aroma and gives fruity and sweet nutty aromas. Limonene provides the strain with the taste of tea, while myrcene provides the chemical flavor.

Physical characteristics: light green and deep purple Frosted white Bouquet Earthy, gassy

White Truffle Strain Genetics

Is White Trufflez Weed an Indica oder Sativa?

White Truffle’s genetics White Truffle are much like the genetics of other strains that are which are bred at particular locations. The mystery surrounding the genetics of certain varieties is due to the secrecy of certain growers. This is because they want to protect their genetic heritage and also the fact that marijuana remains federally banned.

It is believed to be a crossing between Gorilla Butter however the lineage is ambiguous. Gorilla Butter can be described as an equilibristic mix of the powerful Gorilla glue #4 as well as the nutty Peanut Butter Breath. Although the product isn’t the strongest it is likely to experience a feeling of sedation after a few puffs of White Truffle

CBD and THC Levels

With a THC content of 25-30, White Truffle is the most powerful and loud. It is a sign of respect, especially for those who are trying to stay alert enough to be able to take advantage of the waves of calm, cool and sane creativity they’re going to experience.

It is also locked and filled with 2% CBD. it’s a great middle-of-the-road compromise that lets you experience your body buzz without compromising the sensation of the head.


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