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Buy Zheetos Weed Strain Online

Buy Zheetos Weed Strain Online

Zheetos is created by crossing OZ Kush (OG Eddy Lepp x Zkittlez) with Big Buddha Rubbish (UK Rubbish x Afghani). This pairing of birth California genetics with the formerly ubiquitous UK Cheese heritage sounds like a great idea to me.

It’s bred by Karma Cartel and grown by  @thereturnofgelatokid who also helped elect the winning phenotype. While the strain might be fairly new these names are not.
Yes, it’s another strain that’s named after and builds brand familiarity off a junk food snack but the name and branding actually makes sense this time given the genetics.

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Cracking open the packaging you’re saluted with some beautiful and relatively unique looking flower. It has a dark shade to the overall appearance with a vast range of green tones and rounded nearly pebble like nugs that easily have the OZK heritage in — substantiated by the soft hedgehog-suchlike surface. It’s flowers nearly look like moon jewels at times with differing lighter colors when the cub is broken piecemeal.
The original nose is a musky Zkittlez type aroma, with rubbish and pine there as well but less prominent. The smell is most surely a sign of good effects to come.

Mail Order Zheetos by Karma Cartel

Smoking joints gets veritably musky Zkittlez taste as the dominant flavor with the agreeableness leveled out by OG gas. The flower burns near impeccably. Aesthetically we’ve a nice white ash that translates to an incredibly clean terps all the way to the roach. Every joint I smoked, a canvas ring appeared which adds a hashy taste that gets stronger as the common becks down and the resin is re-combusted.
It delivers a strong and clean head high with a headband like effect and light buzz. I didn’t register any negative goods. I was originally hoping for further of the Rubbish flavor to come through but I suppose this is actually just the right mix as a stronger taste might unhinge the balance and ruin the Z terps.

Heard a lot of good effects about Zheetos and am happy to say that I was not disappointed. This ticks all the boxes for me.


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