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Doja Pak Exclusive is a top cannabis cultivating brand within the USA. Doja Pak’s Ryan Bartholomew transformed an underground dealer and weed-sourcing operation into a brand that is globally recognized.

These last couple of years have been turbulent for many of us however for some experiencing California’s waves between Proposition 215 through Proposition 64 is an inevitable progression. A lot of the brands that emerged in this time including Cookies and Connected are now well-known to people from their native territories despite their best efforts to conduct business in a legal and legally-sound way. One of my top choices and a company that’s with a different approach from the rest is the famous California company Doja.Pak.

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While many brands are trying to profit from every stage of the cannabis industry Doja — the creator from Ryan Bartholomew, also known as Doja Exclusive — has opted to remain in the path it has been dominating for decades in the market for cannabis and that’s to provide the top products California offers regardless of where they’re from. It’s clear that what Bartholomew has created through Doja is an enterprise version of your rock-star dealer. No matter your taste or preferences are, the Pak is the most popular version.

Doja Pak Exclusive has some very interesting such as;

  • RS11
  • Studio 54
  • Rainbow Sherb #40
  • Zoap

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