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Baklava by Alien Labs

THC : 23.09%

THCa : 25.66%

CBD : 0.06%


Buy Baklava Weed Strain by Alien Labs Online

Buy Baklava Weed Strain by Alien Labs Online

Baklava by Alien Labs is a cross between Kosher Kush and Gelato 41. This flower had actually wonderful bag charm. The different tones of purple integrated with the various shades of eco-friendly and the orange pistils practically offers this blossom a little a rainbow look. Was likewise covered quite heavily by sticky material that left several of those creamy gelato terps on my hand. Upon opening up the jar the first thing I observed was the practically rough smell of gas as well as yearn simply truly shed my nose was so extreme.

If I kept smelling I also can pick up the acquainted gelato pleasant creaminess. When cigarette smoking I tasted all gas as well as natural terps as well as really increased my lungs as well as had me coughing every time. This was tidy and also well treated however not smooth smoke as well as I think that just featured the tarps.

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So if you like that big Og gas smoke that harms so good I can certainly recommend Baklava strain. For me I such as more complex terps and taste and a little smoother. The structure was terrific and also really easy to break apart. The high was superior came on rapid as well as hard and also most definitely left me feeling kicked back.

This isn’t a good strain to be active with as its really sedating despite my high resistance I found myself feeling careless and also slow trying to play drums after. Altogether this is another winner from unusual laboratories yet not my precise choice.

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