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Biskante by Alien Labs

THC : 24.76%

THCa : 27.52%

CBD : 0.05%


Buy Biskante Weed Strain by Alien Labs Online

Buy Biskante Weed Strain Alien Labs Online

Everyone that knows how much I love unique fire lemon terps told me I needed to try this one ASAP. As you can tell by the date, I picked this one up a while ago but this review somehow got lost in the shuffle. I believe it won 3rd place in zazlympics, so that’s pretty impressive too. 

Visually, I noticed a nice blend of greens and purples, with a light green similar to the inside of an avocado and non-uniform patches of deep purple. It had a good amount of resin that gave the flowers a nice silver hue. The structure and cure were very much on point. 

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When smelling Biskante nugs, I instantly noticed the familiar burnt lemon terps that were very similar to that old school lemon tree, but with a sweetened twist that smelled like sugar cookies. There were definitely some good earthy and skunky notes too as the smell left the jar. 

When smoking Biskante strain, I noticed right away how terpy this flower is. It didn’t matter if it was smoked out of top notch papers or taking a huge hot bong rip, the taste of candied lemon sugar cookies hit very consistently and left my mouth coated in that weird but wonderful sweet lemon tree terp flavor.

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The high was pretty substantial and euphoric. I definitely noticed a quick strong “sativa-ish” head change. That settled out fairly quickly and became a balanced high of wanting to be up and social, and having a relaxed and happy feeling.

Overall, Biskante by Alien Labs was a really enjoyable flower with a great look, smell, and taste, with a solid high. It pretty much checked all the boxes for me. It is on the expensive side, but if it sounds like a terp profile you’re fond of, I definitely recommend trying this one and think you’ll enjoy it.

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