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Zuper Bubble


Zuper bubble by Backpackboyz

THC Level : 30.40%

Backpackboyz x HighRollers


Buy Zuper Bubble Weed Strain Backpackboyz

Buy Zuper Bubble Weed Strain Backpackboyz

Zuper bubble weed by backpackboyz and highrollers has very huge beautiful nugs with purple straits. It crosses Zkittlez and bubblegum gelato to produce this fantastic strain. This strain has a high THC level of 30.40% with little to no cbd level. Order backpackboyz strains here at cheap prices with discreet shipping worldwide. We have top backpackboyz strains like;

Buy Zuper Bubble Strain Backpackboyz x HighRollers

The Zuper Bubble strain has some identical traits like the bubble gum gelato produced by High Rollers. bubble gum scent which becomes a floral/earthy smell after continuous sniffing. I do also get hints of a bright gasoline like scent, and a fierce manure like undertone. The taste on this bud is terrific. Its bright, earthy, and sweet. As you inhale, there is that initial earthy sweetness that makes each draw more and more pleasing. As you exhale, you get a deep woody/nutty note, as well as a tinge of sharpie scent like flavor.

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As you can see here, this nug is picture perfect. Backpackboyz did a excellent job curing and trimming these nugs, making them an effortless experience to break down and roll/pack up. buy super bubble strain


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