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Buy Horchata Weed by Backpackboyz Online

Buy Horchata Weed Strain Backpackboyz Online

Horchata crosses some pretty exotic parents; Mochi x Jet Fuel Gelato! At first dive into the jar, I was kicked in the nose by an overly spicy pepper aroma. There was the slightest hint of sweet berries right at the very end but I only caught that a few times in the grinder! The nose, itself, isn’t one I would normally go for bud so glad I did!

Despite the nose, these terps were wildly unique! Now, I’ve never had a horchata before but after looking it up, the strain is named appropriately The first inhale is overwhelmingly spicy but right as your ingesting your hit, this strain takes the smoothest & creamiest turn! I couldn’t stop loading bowls because it was like smoking a spiced rum-infused milky concoction

Buy Horchata Weed Strain Backpackboyz Los Angeles

Horchata hit me much like a 50/50 hybrid; a great balance between head & body effects. By the 2nd or 3rd exhale, this strain jabs you with a quick one right to the eye sockets. There’s a heaviness to this feeling so expect some squinty eyes. It made me feel like I was in a wind tunnel! That feel slowly disseminated throughout my face until it became numb  Euphoric but not stoney & unproductive! 30 min in or so & the body effects really took hold! Extremely relaxing but not necessarily heavy couch lock.

Don’t get me wrong; you can spend the whole afternoon on the couch with this one but it’s by your own free will  mild pain relief as well so this is a nice strain to smoke early afternoon after a morning full of errands! Perfect way to get some mid-day relief!

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